Elvie Shane releases “Does Heaven Have A Creek,” available to listen HERE. Written solo in the days before recording his imminent album DAMASCUS, “Does Heaven Have A Creek” came from a question Elvie once asked his grandmother following her passing, about what really matters, and what comes next. His alluring vocals take you to church, with the heartland hymn serving as another reminder how the Kentucky native “forces you to rethink anything you think you know, or assume, about the genre’s Music Row bros” (Stereogum).

“‘Does Heaven Have A Creek’ is simply the wondering mind of a believer,” said Elvie. “A testimony of hope that Heaven has a few of the simple pleasures we enjoy here on earth. Is Heaven only for A List Christians? Is there room for a prodigal ‘Good Ole Boy’ from Kentucky just trying to live a decent life and be a good man?” 

The track comes as the sixth release from Elvie’s sophomore album DAMASCUS, releasing April 19th. Full of unflinching honesty rooted in compassionate clarity, each track steps into the shoes of another, with Elvie taking pieces of each character he’s met on his path, melding them into one beautifully woven work. The album is available for pre-order/pre-save/pre-add HERE.