Elvie Shane releases his much anticipated sophomore album DAMASCUS, an ode to his artistic evolution and deep-feeling take on country music, available to listen HERE. Drawing inspiration from the Apostle Paul’s transformative biblical story and the hardened beauty of ancient steel, each of the 13 tracks find Elvie stepping into the shoes of another, taking pieces of each character he’s met on his journey, and melding them into one beautifully woven work. Elvie co-wrote all songs on the project produced by his frequent collaborator, Oscar Charles.

“There’s 13 songs on Damascus, and a lot of piss and vinegar,” said Elvie. “It’s the ‘Outside Dog’ in me that drives me to do this. Welcome to that autobiography, I’d like to formally introduce myself.” 

The Kentucky native teamed up with Little Big Town for his track “First Place,” raising a glass to the everyday victory of just getting by. Elvie’s gruff vocals couple with Little Big Town’s robust and iconic sound to deliver an irresistible, harmony-laden cocktail, with notes of “Boondocks” and Steve Earle. Watch the behind-the-scenes music video showcasing the making of “First Place” with Little Big Town and highlights from The Damascus Album Stories Tour HERE.

Ranging from Appalachian electro-punk to defiant heartland hip-hop, grungy gospel blues and neon ‘90s twang, Shane’s influences collide in DAMASCUS to tell his story – one that countless others have experienced in one way or another. The project kicks off with “Outside Dog,” a me-against-the-world prideful anthem that sets the tone for his transformational turbulence and ultimately, self-discovery. The track is followed by the moody, gospel-rock “What Do I Know,” a scathing look into a world at odds with itself, while “Jonesin’” soulfully preaches about the weight of always needing more. 

The album pivots into a new stage of discovery, with the shadowy, electro-soul pulse of “Baptized” and bittersweet blue-collar anthem “Forgotten Man.” Elvie tackles the opioid epidemic with the agonizing “Pill,” and the need for prison reform with high-strung, funky “Appalachian Alchemy” and the weary, identity-stripping “215634.” Hope begins to build thanks to the inspirational message of betting on oneself in “Winning Horse.” The tempo picks up with the keys-driven, honkey-tonk fun of “Fan On High,” with a reminder to never take life too seriously and the wild-cat swagger of “Chicken Shit.” Elvie’s DAMASCUS journey concludes with the heartland-hymn “Does Heaven Have A Creek,” a track that finally finds peace through reflection of what really matters and what comes next.

“Country music is increasingly starting to address difficult subject matter and Elvie Shane is at the forefront of that movement.” – Rolling Stone

“This album is a journey that I didn’t want to stop.” –  Storme Warren, The BIG 615

“With each and every release, singer-songwriter Elvie Shane cements his staying power in country music.” – Country Swag

“Elvie Shane originally from Caneyville, Kentucky has labored to make mainstream country that hits a little different….”- Saving Country Music

“The lovely, echoey production and Shane’s captivating voice draw you into a dark tale of a struggle with addiction. Essential listening.” – Music Row on “Pill”

“But when you listen to ‘Pill,’ for all the song’s fear and sorrow, its dominant emotion is tender, unconditional love” – Taste Of Country on “Pill”

“Throughout the delivery, the Wheelhouse Records singer/songwriter puts his gritty vocals on display as he unleashes the incredibly raw narrative filled with personal experiences of his past and the lessons he’s taken away from being in those situations.” – Country Now on “Pill”

“relatable, heartfelt and a must-listen” – The Country Note on “Pill”

“His voice retains a world-weary edge, but it’s when the song draws to a close that he showcases the Southern rock rawness it possesses.” – Billboard on “What Do I Know”

“An ode to blue-collar workers that exposes the heart-aching realities of the working class… ‘Forgotten Man’ has more in common with songs such as Hank Williams Jr.’s ‘A Country Boy Can Survive’ than the plethora of poppy, nostalgic anthems out right now, while Shane’s backwoods growl and heartland rock sound sells it hard.”- Billboard on “Forgotten Man”

“The Kentucky singer-songwriter expertly sums up what it means to be blue-collar in the 21st century in this defiant, angry country single that would do Merle Haggard proud.” – Rolling Stone on “Forgotten Man”

“Jonesin’ puts all of Shane’s talents to the forefront. The country-rock anthem feels honest, dark, and enticing.” – Country Swag on “Jonesin’”

DAMASCUS Track Listing: 

1. Outside Dog – written by Elvie Shane, Oscar Charles, Jonathan Sherwood

2. What Do I Know – written by Elvie Shane, Oscar Charles, Dan Couch, Jonathan Sherwood

3. Jonesin’ (feat. Jenna McClelland) – written by Elvie Shane, Oscar Charles, Ryan Tyndell, Jeremy Spillman

4. Baptized – written by Elvie Shane, Luke Preston, Dan Couch, Oscar Charles

5. Forgotten Man – written by Elvie Shane, Luke Preston, Dan Couch, Oscar Charles

6. Pill – written by Elvie Shane, Lee Starr, Nick Columbia

7. 215634 – written by Elvie Shane, Adam Wood, Ben Chapman

8. Appalachian Alchemy – written by Elvie Shane, Luke Preston

9. First Place (feat. Little Big Town) – written by Elvie Shane, Adam Wood, Dan Couch, Jakob Miller

10, Winning Horse – written by Elvie Shane, Dan Couch, Oscar Charles

11. Fan On High – written by Elvie Shane, Driver Williams, Hayes Carll

12. Chicken Shit – written by Elvie Shane, Jeremy Spillman, Ryan Tyndell, Oscar Charles

13. Does Heaven Have A Creek – written by Elvie Shane