Elvie Shane Featured in ‘American Songwriter’

October 29, 2021

“Like many, Caneyville, Kentucky-born Elvie Shane grew up singing in church. But now, unlike many, Shane is singing around the world in front of thousands. The way Shane tells the story is that he was born on a Sunday and by the following week, his mother had him wrapped in a hymnal in a tiny church in his small hometown. But even before then, Shane was likely first introduced to music from the ‘90s country radio station in the car ride home from the hospital after he’d first arrived on earth.

For Shane, music has been the one constant throughout his entire life. In this way, he says it’s always invested in him, so he knew he had to invest in it. He remembers trying to sing like John Fogerty, he liked the tenor range. Up high is where the money is, Shane says. But the artist learned one of his greatest lessons during a brief stint with American Idol in 2016. Wrapped up in the whirlwind that is the show, Shane learned some important humility. Growing up in Kentucky, he would generally receive positive feedback for singing, but when he performed for the likes of Keith Urban, he learned he needed to do more.

‘He looked at me, like, ‘Alright, that was really cool and you might be able to play a show on Friday night and the following Friday, the people who saw you might bring three of their friends to see you, but can you do what it takes [beyond that]?’’

Urban asked Shane if he could perform at night, wake up for a radio interview in the morning, get back out on the road and do it all again. Essentially, what Urban told Shane was there is much more to this job than just singing well. But Shane met the challenge and generated a newfound work ethic. All thanks to an off-air comment from Urban.

‘I sent him a real long letter right before I put out [my single], ‘My Boy,’’ Shane says. ‘I wanted to let him know how much I appreciated what he’d said.’”

Elvie ties up the interview saying, “Music should do three things: heal you, hurt you or make you want to cut loose. I’m always there for any three of those, you just got to find the right song.” [American Songwriter]

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