Elvie Shane Debuts Heartfelt “My Boy” Music Video

December 18, 2020

Elvie Shane premiered the official music video for his debut single, “My Boy,” today. The song, written as a heartfelt tribute to his stepson, has become celebrated by blended and unconventional families.

“My position has always been that this song is bigger than just my personal story. It’s about the everyday men and women who have step up to the plate as parents and celebrating that unique, selfless love,” said Elvie. “While it relates to so many, I did want this video to have a lot of personal elements because this song is my story. I really have worked at a mechanic shop and love fixing Mustangs, my father was a truck driver, I fell in love with a girl from my hometown and met my son when he was five (just like the actor).”

Watch the new video now:

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