Elvie Releases New Song “Pill”

September 29, 2023

No stranger to creating work that “exposes the heart-aching realities of the working class” (Billboard), BBR Music Group/Wheelhouse Records singer/songwriter Elvie Shane continues to shed light on the struggles of his community and many others with new track “Pill.” Draped in harrowing lyricism, written by Elvie, Lee Starr, and Nick Columbia and produced by Oscar Charles, “Pill” delivers a love letter to those struggling with addiction that perfectly illustrates what it means to be affected by its all-encompassing path of destruction. 

“Pill is my story, told from the perspective of a note to me from my little brother in my most trying times. It’s an apology to those I love for the turmoil I put them through,” Elvie said. “But for me this goes way beyond just what my family and I have gone through. I want to be a vessel and share other people’s struggles and experiences, even if it helps one person, that means I did my job.”

Along with the track, Elvie released a visualizer for “Pill,” welcoming those at any stage of recovery with the porch light on and the front door unlocked, reminding them it’s never too late to come back home. 

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