Elvie Releases New Song “Jonesin'”

July 28, 2023

Elvie Shane,champion of the next blue-collar generation with “backwoods growl and heartland rock sound” (Billboard), drops the soulful anthem “Jonesin’,” available to listen here. With chills-evoking vocals and a driving bassline, the track finds Shane with a hell too hot and a heaven too high, unsatisfied by a life spent stagnant in the same rhythm. Written by Shane, Oscar Charles, Ryan Tyndall and Jeremy Spillman and produced by Oscar Charles, “Jonesin’” bears the passion of those born to chase the fire, those who burn for taking life by the scruff of its neck.

“”Jonesin’” is all about our vices and failures in the pursuit of satisfaction and happiness,” said Shane. “ It came with the realization that you could have everything you’ve ever dreamed of and still be left feeling empty at times. That’s just life. But that void can be a beautiful thing when used as fuel. It can piss you off enough to quit the bad habits or fire you up enough to chase the seemingly unattainable.”

“Jonesin’” follows up Shane’s recently released tracks “Baptized” and “Forgotten Man,” where “Baptized” shows how he “steps outside the bounds of traditional country music to explore his gospel side” as his “raw grit propels through the lyrics” (CountryNow). “Forgotten Man” received critical praise from Rolling Stone, citing how he “expertly sums up what it means to be blue-collar in the 21st century in this defiant, angry country single that would do Merle Haggard proud.”  

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